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Logarhythmic Collective is a new music ensemble based out of Miami, Florida with the primary instrumentation of Voice; Dr. Logan Larson, Saxophone; Dr. Benjamin Morris, and Trombone; Thomas McKee, but regularly collaborate with featured guest artists. The genre they play is a true fusion of classical music idioms and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). The genre’s characteristics include fixed media tracks with the visceral synths and drums of EDM combined with acoustic instruments that use idioms of “traditional” classical music such as orchestration, counterpoint, church modes, and mode mixture. The composer and producer of the music, Logan Larson, has crafted this music specifically for Logarhythmic Collective to bring the higher contrapuntal complexity of classical music to EDM and equally bring the raw, loud, and unapologetic sound world of EDM to the classical arts. The genre entitled Bass Complexity, derives the sound world of the fixed media from bass music genres such as Dubstep, Riddim, and Color Bass. The group will be releasing a new 17 track album through the label Bright Shiny Things affiliated label Imaginary Animals entitled “The Monster You Made” in 2023.

"sound is one of a kind" 

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IG: @LogaRhythmiCCollective

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IG: @LoganLarsonMusic

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